“Boost Your Christmas Email Marketing: Creative Newsletter Ideas and Sales Strategies”

Our tips for your Christmas newsletter

Only a few more months until Christmas and you still need ideas for your Christmas mailings? No problem, we’ll let you take a look at our ideas box. You will surely find just the right thing for your email campaign or the right inspiration for your own creative Christmas mailing.

The Christmas elf and muffle in your company

Behind every company there are always people with stories! Reported by the Christmas fan from maintenance, the Christmas muffle in the call center or the colleague who loves to bring home-made cookies. Tells stories, takes photos or conducts small interviews. This gives your readers and potential customers a look behind the scenes and binds those interested in your company.


It is not for nothing that one says, “Love goes through the stomach” – for customer loyalty this sometimes also applies! Ask your employees about their favorite recipes, look for baking and cooking instructions from different regions. These recipes and cooking recommendations, if appropriately designed and with your logo on them, will speak for your company for years to come. Like to think around the corner … besides cookies there are also stollen, roasts, mulled wine, liqueurs and many other things that make the Christmas season so delicious.

Coupons and sales promotions

Even if many do not like to hear it: Christmas is also about BUYING. All the gifts and attentions can go into the money very nicely. Help your customers by giving vouchers. Come up with funny discount codes that have something to do with Christmas. In addition, the Christmas season offers so many opportunities for good sales campaigns. What suits you? Coupons for Santa Claus, savings on Advent Sundays? Or even a product every day that is cheaper? Make sure that the vouchers are valid for so long that they can be redeemed throughout December. Reminds of the expiry of the vouchers and discounts in the following emails. If these sales promotion measures are not suitable for your company, there is also the possibility to entice you to make more purchases, for example with an action such as “Every 6th Buyer Increases” lt 10% discount, or every 10th buyer receives a gift.

Wish you something!

Wish lists are only for children? Not at all! Let your customers put together a shopping basket and give away one of them for a profit. Or what about shaping? Let your readers decide which products will soon receive a discount or which products / services will be included in your portfolio. The positive side effect: You get an insight into the needs and desires of your customers and you can easily turn a subscriber into a Facebook friend or follower on Twitter, Instagram and Co.


Do you celebrate Christmas in India? Why is there always a place available at the dining table for Christmas in Poland? Traditional Christmas is simply part of it. Check out other countries and customs. Reports on curiosities, songs and poems. If you then adapt discount codes, vouchers or discounts to the stories, you will also delight the readers of your Christmas mailing.

And also …

For the Christmas campaign to succeed, you also need to coordinate the design, text and timing well. Decides how often the emails come and what content suits your company. Almost everything is possible, from the daily door by e-mail to two mailings in December (around Santa Claus and Christmas).

Christmas mailing extra tip:

Also among your customers could be one or the other Christmas muffle. Offers for segmentation which Christmas mail they want to receive: The Christmas fans receive the full package of anticipation the‚ Grinchs receive the much more neutral variant, which will nevertheless be peppered with vouchers and added value.

Do you need help designing and filling your Christmas mailings? We are happy to help you with advice or as an implementing partner for this year’s Christmas campaign.