Choosing the Right Domain: Tips for Success in Google’s Local Search Rankings in Australia

The first hurdle that has to be overcome with a new appearance is your own internet address or domain. By means of this, your homepage can be reached under the URL, for example. The different top-level domains are divided into different country codes. So .au stands for Australia, .nz for New Zealand, .uk for United Kingdoms or .eu for Europe.

Experience clearly shows that Google country domains meanwhile accordingly rated more strongly in its country environment than before. The query within, therefore, prefers domains with the ending .au

Your own desired domain should be as short as possible, yet as memorable as possible, be chosen. It is advisable to use one or two search terms, which are separated by a hyphen at most. Assuming you own a painting business, it is advisable to mark the domain with your company name or place name:

Register here, if available, the different spellings, also with or without a hyphen, in order to prevent domain digging. These people like to register typo domains or identical Internet addresses with or without addition in order to sell them to the current website operator. It is important that, despite the numerous spellings, you only choose one domain for your website.

If you already have an existing Internet address that does not meet these requirements, do not simply fold this book up, but continue! You will notice that each tip is only one adjustment screw in the entire Google algorithm, but by no means all factors have to be fulfilled to reach the Top10.

When registering a domain, it is important to pay attention to trademark or copyrights, as nothing worse can happen than having to change the domain name after months of work.