Effective SEO Strategies for New Domains: The Importance of a Launch Page

A waiting page for a new domain name?

Is it helpful to create a waiting page for a new domain name? This is a question we often ask from prospects and customers.

You should not wait to launch your site to communicate it to Google. Indeed, Google always takes a little time to index all the pages of a site.

How do search engines behave with a new domain name?

Before browsing all the pages of a site, search engines will only analyze the home page over a relatively long period. Their goal is to test the reliability of a site before proposing it in their results. This duration is different for each site because it meets the following criteria:

  • The number of links pointing to the site
  • Its traffic
  • The weight of the page

To avoid this period of hesitation when launching the site, it is preferable to send signals to the search engines so that they can now browse this first page. After several visits, the search engines can index this page and then gradually browse and index the other site pages. It is, therefore, necessary to create a first page with the following optimizations:

  • A good title
  • A good meta-description
  • A description of 2 to 3 lines on the next site
  • The launch date
  • An email address collection module to notify of the launch of the site (Optional)

Thanks to this 1st page on competitive expressions, you should not expect to move up. The aim is to save time on the more or less long increase of the domain name on its brand and to index all the site pages more quickly at the time of its distribution.

Anticipate to accelerate the acquisition of traffic and the profitability of your website

In conclusion, by putting this on the first page, you can gain a delay of 2 to 3 weeks on the first results after the distribution of the entire site. This is always a plus when you want to generate traffic to make your site profitable more quickly.